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Search and locate accessible points of interest

Mapp4all allows us to locate an establishment that meets the requirements we seek. A person who is in a wheelchair may have babies and a pet. Therefore, in Mapp4all we can do a search of establishments with several accessibility requirements.

Universal Accessibility

Mapp4all is the first universal accessibility information platform.

It reports transversally the characteristics of accessibility of establishments in any city in the world.

Visual System

The Mapp4All web and Android application has a video interpretation service in LSE SVisual technology.

It is an innovative videoconference system in Spanish sign language that allows people who are deaf or hearing impaired and hearing people to communicate with each other through the figure of the sign language video interpreter. In this way, users can exchange information with total independence and autonomy, from their own home and in the mode of communication they desire, without the need for the interpreter to be physically present.

Find places adapted to your needs

In Mapp4all you will find any establishment adapted to your needs.

What can these needs be? All.

People with disabilities (motor, hearing, visual) have special needs, but they are not alone in needing accessibility information. There are other people with other needs such as people who have a pet, those who have a baby, those who have a food allergy or any kind of barrier that prevents a person from accessing the same as the one at his side.

Se admiten animales

Access quickly and easily

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  • Valora y comparte tu experiencia

Find out what is happening around you in terms of accessibility

Mapp4all is the first collaborative platform for information on universal accessibility.

It is interactive, any registered user for free can register an establishment in any city in the world. In addition, you can comment and assess that accessibility.

Is it as accessible a place for a small pet as a big one? Do potatoes with babies look the same as potatoes with older children? Or simply, does a young person in a wheelchair consider an establishment as accessible as an older person and with an electric wheelchair?

The users will certify and inform about the different degrees of accessibility of the establishments and we will all be able to benefit from that information.

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